Business Technology Standard is an open-source framework developed by an international community of business technology professionals. It is used by hundreds of companies and thousands of individuals all over the world and especially in the Nordics and the UK. Therefore, knowing what BT Standard is all about, making use of the best practices, models and framework in your daily work and adopting a common language used by a vast business technology community helps you to advance in your career – whether you work in business or IT.

Pre-requisite: Reading the Business Technology Standard (www.managebt.org) or in Finnish at www.btmalli.fi

Length and method: 1h online test

Objective: Getting familiar with the Business Technology Standard

Target group: Anyone wanting to test and evidence understanding the basics of the Business Technology Standard



Please send an email to info@btforum.org to order the test and get login instructions.

The quiz consists of 40 multiple-choice questions:

  • You have 60 minutes to complete the exam after starting it. After 60 minutes the exam will close automatically. The remaining time to complete the test is always shown on the screen.
  • You are allowed to browse the questions pages back and forth throughout the exam.
  • In multiple-choice questions, select only one answer for each question.
  • The exam results will be shown to you right after finishing the quiz. If you pass, you will be able to download your Business Technology Standard Green Card right then and either save it or print it for later use.
  • If you fail the test the first time, you may repeat the test once by pressing the “Restart Quiz” button at the end.

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Interested in talking more about the Business Technology Standard Green Card certification or other training needs for your organisation? Please contact us at info@btforum.org


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