BT Standard guided self-study course is an online training programme that helps you to understand the guiding principles behind the business technology mindset. The objective is to support the learner to quickly deepen the understanding of the underlying principles behind the BT Standard, and enable a faster implementation of the models and frameworks in practice. Read more about BT Standard:

Guided self-study package includes:

  • 4x Facilitator-led virtual workshops with coach
  • 3x Sprints in Roundtable learning environment. Read more: Roundtable
  • BT Standard Smart Book
  • BT Standard Green Card certification

BT Standard Smart Book to enhance the learning experience

BT Standard Smartbook contains additional functionality and materials to help you to understand better the working principles and use of the different models within the framework, as well as to enhance the adoption of the model in the daily work. The Smartbook has the following features:

  • Videos on flowcharts and diagrams with audio
  • BT Standard as an audio book
  • Review questions to support the learning process
  • Possibility to track the study progress

BT Standard Green Card Certification

After successfully passing the certification exams the participant will receive a certificate:

GREEN CARD – Certified Business Technology Standard Professional

Learning objectives for the guided self-study

  • Understand the guiding principles behind the business technology mindset
  • See how the BT operating model supports realisation of company’s business targets
  • Know how to define value streams to cope with business diversity
  • Get to know the different disciplines and see how they support creation of business capabilities
  • Learn the development flow from business need into production (E2E development flow)
  • Understand what are the guiding principles when choosing the correct method in each phase of the development flow

Training programme cost

The cost of the full training programme and BT Standard Green Card Certification is now 990 €  (+ VAT)  per participant or 1500 € (+ VAT) per 2 participants when from the same organization.

Contact us

Interested to talk more about the course or discuss the training needs for your organization? The length and content of our training programmes can be tailored to fit your organisation’s specific needs.  Please contact us at

After the course…

  • Guided “Do It Yourself” operating model design – Build your own operating model utilizing BT Standard
  • Create additional handbooks  – Get deep end-to-end understanding of the model and customize it further for your organization
  • Implement new operating model – Take the new model in use to organize and coordinate your organization’s business technology


Elena Van Leemput

Coach & Facilitator

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