The Business Technology (BT) Operating Model Designer course introduces the BT operating model concept, design materials as well as the best practice implementation guidelines in order to design and implement the BT operating model in your organisation.

Attending the Business Technology operating model designer course requires a BT Standard Green Card certification prior to taking part in the workshops. You can become certified by Guided Self-study for Business Technology Standard course.

The Business Technology Leader course certifies you to the BT Operating Model Designer as well. For more information about the exam and course, please send your questions to:

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The course is recommended for:

  • those who are responsible for designing or updating the organisation’s IT and digitalisation operating model
  • those who are using SAFe, ITIL, SIAM, COBIT and other practices and want to implement a consistent operating model on top of them
  • those who want to get practical operating model design and implementation guidance based on the BT Standard best practice methodologies and practices

During the course, the participants will get familiarised with:

  • capability areas and disciplines
  • governance levels and bodies
  • roles and responsibilities
  • value streams and end-to-end value creation
  • design principles for customising the BT operating model
  • examples of designing and implementing the BT operating model

As concrete hand-outs the participants get:

  • Material to help your to make your own Business Technology operating model handbook, such as BT Standard governance extension material in PowerPoint
  • Business technology maturity analysis template
  • The roles and responsibilities material
  • Value streams example

The Business Technology operating model designer certification exam is based on an assessment


The cost of the training programme (3 x ½ days) 1800 € (+ VAT)

1st session: 01.06.2021, 2nd session: 04.06.2021, and 3rd session: 08:06:2021

Sessions are held from 13:30 to 16:30 EEST


Interested in talking more about the Business Technology operating model designer course or other training needs for your organisation? Please contact us at

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Elena Van Leemput

Coach & Facilitator

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Sami Laurinantti


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