Be a Pioneer – Technology Backbone training programme for Business Technology Leaders is a 4-module training programme that gives you the skills and tools to manage business technology for the benefit of the business.




Technology Backbone training programme is intended for IT and business decision-makers who want to get a holistic picture of how IT should be managed in order to provide maximum value for the business. The training programme consists of four modules: Strategy and Governance, Sourcing and Optimisation, Development and Services. The programme structure consists of 6 on-site training days and 2 to 3 days of (independent) pre-study.

This training will be conducted in Finnish, please contact us if you need training in English.




You will:

  • Get a holistic picture of the entire technology management landscape starting from the company’s strategy into running reliable and stable services
  • Take use of BT management practices, tools and models that help you to quickly raise the maturity of IT in your company
  • Develop your leadership and communication skills
  • Build a network of colleagues from different companies



Interactive online training

Interactive online training, 3 hrs

  • Business Technology Standard concepts and tools
  • Personal development plan and objective setting
Strategy and Governance
Hahkiala Manor
Business understanding:
  • Adding value with Business Technology Standard
  • Business strategy based Business Technology Management: How to set the right course and ensure effectiveness
  • The big picture on strategy, profitability drivers and processes
  • Enterprise Architecture as a tool for developing the business
Best practices
  • Defining an IT Operating Model
  • IT management tools supporting the strategy work
  • Maturity analysis and comparison based on your own organisation
Communication and influencing
  • Active listening: An effective tool for assessing business needs
  • Building and leading a winning team
  • Elements of a good presentation and a good presenter: How to convince the executive board
Case study and groupwork:
  • Strategy work and management concept in practice.
  • Development plan based on the case study for the BT management of the case study company
  • Presenting the plan to the business and BT management of the case study company.
Sourcing and optimisation

On-site training

1 day

Business understanding
  • Supporting the competitive advantage and effectiveness of business through a structured approach to sourcing and supplier management
  • Effective cooperation with suppliers – how to get the best results
  • Value creation: Combining service efficiency and fit-for-purpose business solutions
Best practices
  • Ecosystem management roles, responsibilities and relationships
  • Negotiation tactics
Communication and influencing:
  • Negotiating skills
  • Feedback as a basis for effective cooperation
  • Interaction with different stakeholders – learning to influence others and understand different viewpoints
  • Supplier’s view
  • Ensuring flexibility, control and effectiveness in IT
  • Development of good practices in cooperation with partners
Practical exercises:
  • Negotiation simulation
  • Effective vendor management and how to lead it

On-site training,

1 day

Business understanding
  • From project to service – ensuring benefit realisation
  • Business-based portfolio management
  • Managing projects in an agile and controlled way
Best practices
  • Ensuring business value in projects -from a development initiative to a managed service
  • Ensuring common ways of working in projects
  • Building change readiness
  • Case study example of a successful project culture change in a company
  • Portfolio management in the case study company
Communication and influencing
  • Effective project communication
  • Leading change in projects
  • Committing to change -how to engage people
  • Roles and responsibilities in project work
  • Planning a Business Case
Practical exercise:
  • Steering group simulation
Hahkiala Manor

On-site training

2 days

Business understanding
Best practices
  • Efficient service delivery and operations management -ensuring end-to-end IT service excellence
  • Elements of good service management – from service promise to continuous service development
  • Effective service integration (SIAM) and service management
  • SIAM strategy – alternative models for managing service integration
  • Service Automation – Where self-service and automation can be used and how it affects Service Manager’s work?
Communication and influencing
  • Service attitude as a competitive factor – how to become a trusted business partner?
  • Service management roles and responsibilities
  • Building your own brand
  • Creating business from services – A case study of an example company.
Case study and groupwork
  • BT management in the case study organisation
  • Service development plan for the case study example company
  • Presenting the development plans to the case study example company’s business and BT management


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After going through the entire programme, the attendees may take the following tests and get the following certificates:


  CISP (Certified IT Standard Professional)



CIMP (Certified IT Management Professional)





Price of the entire training programme is 6900€ + VAT/pp incl. all materials & certificate of participation. The participant may take part in one or all the modules of the longer training programme. Contact us to customize your participation.

Any changes are possible two weeks prior to the starting date of the first training module of the programme. The Academy reserves the right to charge the full price of the training for any cancellations made later than this.

Prior to the start of the first training module, it is possible to transfer your seat to another participant for no extra charge. In case of illness, the participant may take the missed module during the next training programme organised.



The length and content of our training programmes can be tailored to fit your organisation’s specific needs.

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