The Business Technology Operating Model (BTOP) Guided Design gives you the needed skills and understanding to design and implement a Business Technology Operating Model for your organisation. The Guided Design is based on DIY (Do-it-Yourself) model with four full day workshops every three weeks. During the workshops you will get insights, implementations examples and templates which will help you to design your own operating model . Between the workshops you also get consultation and sparring from operating model design experts.  Additional workshops can also be organised based on your needs.

Attending the Guided DIY operating model design requires a certification of BT Standard prior to taking part to the workshops. You can obtain the BT Standard certification by attending either the  Business Technology Leader or Guided Self-study for Business Technology Standard courses. Read more about the courses at:


  • Four full day workshops during 3 to 5 months: fixed 4 workshops with additional 2 month validation period
  • Sparring and internal model development between the workshops
  • Optional additional workshops based on your specific needs


  • WS 1 – The Big Picture

Get familiar with organising governance, end-to-end flows, capabilities, roles and responsibilities according to Business Technology Operating model. Get also understanding of financial and organisational structures for product-centric, multi-modal and classic operating models

  • WS 2 – Strategy & Value Streams

Understand the connection between business technology and strategy. In addition, realise how to create value with operating model by using the value streams.

  • WS 3 – Create BTOP

First version of your Business Technology operating model created during the workshop including operating model handbook and other concrete elements.

  • WS 4 – Implementation planning

Create a solid plan with concreate activities on how to take the new operating model in use within your organizationincluding communication, training and rollout plans.


Interested to talk more about the BTOP Guided Design workshops or training needs for your organisation?  Please contact us at

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